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This is a Facebook post from 2013 winner, Thai Rivera, that I really liked and felt worth sharing:

                                                                                              – Joe Lowers 

Hey Other Comics, Been getting hit up in my inbox about The World Series of Comedy. Glad to hear so many of you are submitting but can’t take time out to answer everyone individually as I have my own stuff to take care of but what I can do is leave a few words here. Having won for 2013. The exposure that I got from winning alone provided a good boost to a lot of what I was already doing which was great. I’ve booked with quite a few of the clubs on the list and in my opinion the chance to get seen by different bookers in different markets for several shows is invaluable. IT IS FEATURE WORK so if you’re thinking you’re going to make ALL THIS money from the work you’re going to get you’re setting yourself up. If your intention is to take the feature work and SHOW them why you would be a good choice to headline I think it’s a good way to look at it, if you even win that is. To tell you the truth, I didn’t go into the contest with the intention of winning, technically I thought there was pretty much no chance of me winning. I went with the intention of networking and getting on the radar so I can’t really say I had a strategy. The only tips I would give are:

Send a well shot clip of you doing your funniest stuff

While you’re in Vegas, concentrate less on the partying and more on your sets. I did it completely sober last year (not saying everyone has to) just saying it helped me keep my mind on what I needed to do. I know Vegas is known for having a good time, but you’re there to represent yourself as a professional and don’t want to be known as the “party guy”. I saved that for another festival. LOL!!!!

Go with a couple of sets in mind that aren’t TOO dirty. Sure, you can have fun and we’re all grown ups, but since what you’re going for is feature work, you might want to scale it back at least a notch if you’re super dirty. I AM and I DID

Thai Rivera12 copy  When you’re putting together your sets try to maybe think about what sets you apart from the other comics, what makes you unique. Hate to sound cheesy, but what’s your POV. If people buy into your personality a bit more than it’s easier for the jokes to go over. Close to a thousand comics will be entering so you have to set yourself apart.

Lastly, try not to psych yourself out. Whether you win or not this contest (and no other) will make or break your career. So have fun and make some friends. Other comics will be the best connections you can possibly make.