What is a Online Showcase?

Because of 2020, we had to adapt and make changes like so many other businesses. One of the good things to come out of 202 is our Online Showcases. We created the Online Showcases to help the comics be seen by even more comedy clubs at one time. There was a time long ago that many comics, including our CEO, Joe Lowers, had to send out many VHS Video Tapes and hope that the comedy clubs would watch the video and offer them a gig. With the Online Showcases, we guarantee at least 3 industry judges will watch your YouTube video. Even if you don’t win, you could be offered work. Not every comic can travel to The Main Event, so this is an opportunity to still participate. And, you could win your way into The Main Event contest. It is also a way to improve your score by being seen in an Online Showcase, which could help your chances of being chosen for The Main Event.

Online Showcases are NOT zoom shows

We understand many comics are doing Zoom shows, and that’s great. We love to see them working on their craft. The WSOC is about helping comics get work in comedy clubs and performing live in those clubs. The comedy industry that will be judging our Online Showcases want to see you on stage in front of an audience. This means we will be having them watch YouTube videos of your show. Not a video of a Zoom show or a live Zoom show, but videos of you on stage in front of an audience. Please, check out https://theworldseriesofcomedy.com/video-submission for more info on submitting your video.

How am I able to add additional Online Showcases to my registration?

Just email [email protected]. Let him know you have registered and what Online Showcase or Satellite you originally picked. He will email you back a link to add another Online Showcase or Satellite for $20. This link will only be emailed to anyone who has already registered for The Main Event.

Is it possible to change my Online Showcase?

Yes. You must make any Online Showcase changes before the scheduled deadline; otherwise, you must pay for the additional Online Showcase. You can only make a change one time. Just email [email protected], and ask him to make the change for you.

Is it possible to register for an Online Showcase without registering for The Main Event?

No. The only way to pick an Online Showcase is to register for The Main Event. When you register, you are not registering for an Online Showcase, you are registering for The Main Event and picking a free Online Showcase.

When I sign up for The Main Event this year, how many Online Showcases can I sign up for?

You will be able to pick one Online Showcase or one Satellite as part of your registration. You can add as many additional Online Showcases or Satellites as you wish, for a fee of $20.00 for each additional Online Showcase or Satellite. We do run specials and will let you pick more Online Showcases or Satellites when you register early.

Is it possible to be in more than one Online Showcase?

Yes, many times comedians participate in more than one Online Showcase contest each year. It’s a great way to get in front of the bookers of a club you may want to work for.

Why should I do an Online Showcase?

The advantage of participating in an Online Showcase is you will have Online Showcase points added to your score just for performing in an Online Showcase. A half of a point if you are in the wildcard, One point if you are in the second round, Two points if you make it to Saturday, and Three points if you’re one of the top 3 comics from that Online Showcase. This means your overall score will be higher, giving you a better chance of being picked for The Main Event. A max of 6 points per comic per season can be earned at Online Showcases or Satellites. Your video will also be seen by the owner or bookers judging the Online Showcase, meaning you have a good chance of getting work from them. If you win, you will be placed into the second round of The Main Event.

Do we have to perform in any Online Showcases to get on stage at The Main Event?

No. When you register for the WSOC, you are registering for The Main Event. You can simply not choose an Online Showcase and pick The Main Event only. Your video will be judged along with all the other submissions for the year. If your video is in the top 101, you will be selected to compete in The Main Event. We understand that some comics can’t afford to travel to The Main Event and to the Live Satellites. This is one of the reasons we added the Online Showcases. If you are registering for The Main Event and not planning on doing a Satellite, then you for sure should pick an Online Showcase. It doesn’t cost anything more and you could increase your exposure to the comedy industry you want to work for.

Can I enter the Online Showcases through the comedy clubs Judging the Online Showcases?

No. You enter the contest via the WSOC website https://theworldseriesofcomedy.com/registration. Just go to our website, look around, and read about it. Then when you’re ready, click on the registration form button, and fill out the form. The participating clubs are only hosting the contest, they do not run it. Neither the club nor their staff will be able to assist you with registration or answer your questions. Please, refer to our website or contact us for information.

When I pay the registration fee, am I automatically in the Online Showcase?

No. When you pay the registration fee, you are automatically registered for The World Series of Comedy Main Event festival and you are eligible to participate in all the seminars, social events, and events with bookers and club owners during the week.

How long should my YouTube video be for the Online Showcase shows be?

This can be found on the website: https://theworldseriesofcomedy.com/contest-format.

Each comic video will be viewed for three minutes.
One show, with 16 comics in the show.
Three comics will move on to Round 2.
1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners perform in the Tuesday through Thursday shows (Round 2 shows).
One Wildcard winner in each Round 2 shows.

Each comic video will be viewed for four minutes.
Three shows, with nine comics in each show.
Six comics will move on to the Finals.
1st & 2nd Place winners will move on to the Friday show (the Finals).

Each comic video will be viewed for six minutes.
1st, 2nd and & 3rd Place winners will be announced.

I picked the Online Showcase I want to be a part of, do I have to register again for The Main Event?

No. When you register for The World Series of Comedy, you are registering for The Main Event and are eligible to participate in all its daytime and social events. In addition, you get to pick a Satellite for free in the city of your choice, as long as the deadline has not passed.

How do I know if I was picked for an Online Showcase?

Each Online Showcase has its own info page and this is where the names of the top 40 comics will be listed.  You can find the dates when the names will be posted for each Online Showcase on the website calendar at https://theworldseriesofcomedy.com/calendar. An email will also be sent out to all the comics who picked that Online Showcase.

Who are the judges for the Online Showcases?

There will be at least 4 industry judges for each Online Showcase. We will do our best to line up more judges but there will be at last 4. This means 4 comedy clubs/comedy industry will be viewing your YouTube video. You could end up with work just from being in an Online Showcase.

Can a comedian be accepted, potentially, into more than one Online Showcase

Yes. We will watch all the videos for every comic for each Online Showcase and rank them for each Online Showcase. If you pick more than one Online Showcase, your video will be reviewed for each one. Even if you win an Online Showcase, you can still be accepted into another Online Showcase. Again, the advantage to participating in more than one is that your highest score is retained no matter which Online Showcase you received it from, and it will be applied when the 101 comedians are selected for The Main Event.

Does signing up for an Online Showcase mean I audition in one of the 4 comedy clubs that will be judging?

No. Picking an Online Showcase means that you will submit a video for acceptance into the contest. If you are picked as one of the top 40 from all the videos submitted for that Online Showcase, then your YouTube video will be viewed by the comedy industry judges.

What do I do if I get picked for an Online Showcase?

The main thing you need to do is read the emails that you will get from us. We will send out several emails leading up to the Online Showcase and in these emails you will find a lot of the answers you will need or want. You will be emailed with info about the YouTube video we will be using for the Online Showcase. If you do not respond to this email, you could be removed from the Online Showcase.

What do I do if I don't get picked for an Online Showcase?

You should email [email protected] and ask for notes on your video submission. After reading the notes on your video, email us a link for another video. We will watch the updated video and if the score we give that video is better than the score we gave your 1st video, we will use the highest score for any other Satellites you picked and The Main Event. You can only resubmit a video link one time, so please make sure you take the time to read the notes and try to send us an updated video.



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