MAIN – FAQ – Your Video



How important is my video?
Your video is everything. It is what will get you into (or not get you into) The World Series of Comedy. Your video is reviewed by 4-6 different people on the WSOC staff. Some of us may know you and some of us will not – it’s set up this way to make it fair. This means we have nothing else to go by but your video. If we cannot see you or hear you, then your video is not going to get a good score.  If you don’t get a good score, we are not by any means saying you are not funny; we’re saying your video didn’t showcase your talent the best it could have.

I didn't get picked for my satellite. Can I give you another video for another Satellite or The Main Event?
Yes. Once you have submitted your video for a Satellite, and it is closed for submissions, you may submit another video. A fee of $20 for each additional Satellite will apply. At the time of your registration, if you picked more than one Satellite, you can also resubmit a video for the upcoming Satellite. Once you have registered, you are always registered for The Main Event and always have a chance to get picked for The Main Event contest. 

How do I resubmit a new video for either The Main Event or an additional Satellite?
Just email your YouTube link to joe@theworldseriesofcomedy.com and we will update your registration with the new link.

Why should I give you a new video?
Getting selected for this festival is very difficult. If you submitted a video for a Satellite and were not one of the top 40, that means you did not beat out 80 to 100 comics. This means you probably won’t beat out the 500 comics who will be trying to get the 101 spots in The Main Event. Sending us a new video may help you increase your score and chances to make it to The Main Event.

How many times can I give you a new video?
Up to two times. We will watch the video you give us with your registration and if you are not picked you can give us another video for review.

Does my video have to be in a comedy club?
Either a club or a one-nighter. Any place where you are on stage and there is an audience in front of you. If you send in a video from your kitchen, living room, shed or truck, you are not going to get picked for a Satellite or The Main Event. You will lose 10 points from each judge immediately for stage presence. If you are not on a stage we can’t give you points.

Can submitting a new video hurt me?
No. We will always count the video that gave you the highest points. So if the new video is scored lower than the one we already have, then you will keep the higher score from your first video submission.

How long should my video be?
It can be as long as you want, but we are only going to watch the first 5 minutes. We will not start watching 2 minutes into the video. We click on the YouTube link and start watching from the start. If you have a long introduction before it gets to your set, then that means we will see less of your standup routine.

Does my video have to be 5 minutes long?
No, but you are hurting your chance by not giving us 5 minutes. We will be watching 5 minutes of everyone else who is trying to get picked for the same Satellite. Why would you give yourself, such a disadvantage from the other comics? Seeing less of you and more of them helps them, not you.

I was picked for a Satellite. Can I still give you a new video?
No. Once you have been picked for a Satellite, that is the video score, we will use for all future Satellites and The Main Event.

Can we record ourselves when we perform at a Satellite?
No. We do not allow anyone to record their own show because there are too many comedians performing to allow this. On any given night there are 9 to 16 comics performing. If everyone set up a tripod it would like a movie shoot. We record each show and you will be emailed a link of the show about 5 to 10 days after the Satellite. This way there is only one camera and one tripod in the back of the room.

Should the YouTube video that I submit be updated from the one I sent last year or can I submit a video I’ve sent to the WSOC before?
The video you submit is, of course, your choice. But, if the video you submitted last year did not get you picked for a Satellite or The Main Event, it is very likely it won’t get you picked this year either. Also, as a rule, comics get better the longer they’re around. If your act is currently better than your video, you probably should submit a video of that.

Can the video be an audio recording?
No. This will limit the amount of points you can get when the judges review your video. For example, one category you are judged upon is stage presence. It is impossible to judge your skills on stage when we can’t see you. If you just submit an audio recording, you take from yourself all the points in that category. The same is true if submitting video with no sound. Obviously, we must be able to hear your jokes.

Do different people judge the video clips?
The same WSOC staff members judge each video submission for every Satellite and The Main Event.

When are video submissions due?
Deadlines for video submissions are specific to each satellite. Please go to the calendar on our website to get specific due dates for videos. Check out our calendar at: http://worldseriesofcomedy.com/calendar.  (Hint: We love it when you give us a YouTube video link with your registration!)

How do I get a YouTube link of my video?
This is a sample of what a link should look like: https://youtu.be/Kw-XWxhQP90. This is a link explaining how to get a YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4srpVThGvE (Note: When setting up your video link, remember to make sure it is not marked as “private” so we are able to watch it.)

Do you have any tips about my video?
Use a tripod. Do not have someone hold the camera and follow you around, it’s very hard to watch a video like that. Also, it’s very bad when the person who is holding the camera is laughing very loud at your jokes and moving the camera up and down. Use a tripod, set the camera up someplace nice, and get a good shot of your show.

If you use your phone put it on a tripod or something do not have someone holding it. Also turn it sideways this will make the video look much better and not have the huge black bars on the side of the video. If we can tell you used your phone, you don’t have a good video.

Don’t waste time. We are going to watch the first 5 minutes ONLY. If you have 30 seconds or more of someone else on stage before you, you will cut your chances of being picked by a large margin.

Don’t fumble with the microphone stand. If you take the microphone out of the stand (which is fine), place it behind you and don’t touch it until you put it back. Messing with the microphone stand screams “Amateur!”

If you use a video in which you were the host of a show, edit out anything that shows you as the host. Only show your set.