Everyone who registers for The World Series of Comedy in 2017 will be registered for The Main Event in Las Vegas and will have the option to pick a Satellite and Sub-Satellite for FREE as long as the Satellites are still open and are free. You do not have to participate in a Satellite to get picked for The Main Event. If you don’t want to pick a Satellite or Sub-Satellite you don’t have to, you will only be registered for The Main Event. Once all the Satellites are closed and registration is closed for The Main Event, we will watch the remaining videos and post the Top 101 Comics from everyone who registered in 2017 for The Main Event. 


One Satellite and Sub-Satellite is FREE when you register for The Main Event. You need to pick the Satellite you want to register for before that Satellite deadline. You can add a Sub-Satellite later because the Sub-Satellites may not be there when you register. At a certain date prior to each Satellite deadline, that Satellite will no longer be free. Satellites start off FREE then they will go to $30 then to $50. If you want to register for more than one Satellite you can add additional Satellites for a $20 fee.To add more Satellites after you register, just email joe@theworldseriesofcomedy.com and he will email you a link to the form you will need to add more Satellites.

We will take all the comics who picked the same Satellite and watch their videos. From those we will pick the top 40 for that Satellite and those names will be posted on this website. Even if you don’t get picked or can’t make it to the Satellite you are still registered for The Main Event in Las Vegas. Please take a look at how registration works flow chart.  Register today and pick a FREE Satellite and Sub-Satellite.

The winner of each sub-satellite will get direct entry into the satellite that the sub-satellite is for. Their video will be watched and they will be placed in the satellite contest where their video score puts them. Either in the wildcard on Wednesday or the second round of the satellite.

The winner of each satellite will get direct entry into the Second Round of The Main Event in Las Vegas, two nights in Las Vegas and paid work from the host club holding the satellite. Second and Third Places from each satellite are guaranteed a spot in The Main Event. That spot is in the Wildcard unless their video/live score is high enough to put them into the Second Round.


The registration fee will start out at $55 with no discounts available. Once the registration fee goes up to $80, you can email me for a discount code to save $25 off registration if you registered in the past for The Main Event or for a Satellite. No refunds will be given unless The World Series of Comedy is cancelled.


Video Submission for the Comedy Contest * The Meet & Greet (where you will get to meet the comedy bookers and give them your promo material) * Comedy Seminars Being Held During the Day (unless marked as a special event) * Special Hotel Room Rates * Discounts on New Headshots Taken By the WSOC Photographer * One Night Pass to One of the Comedy Shows Being Held During the Week * Late Night Shows (for the comics who didn’t make it into the contest) * An Invitation to the Poker Tournament

Even if you’re not picked for the contest-portion of the festival, you are still registered for the festival and invited to come out to Las Vegas and be part of The World Series of Comedy. Every year in the past, over 100 comics who did not make it into the contest have come to Las Vegas to take part in all the comedy seminars and Meet & Greet.


No refunds will be given unless The World Series of Comedy is cancelled. No refunds will be given for the Satellites or Sub-Satellites for any reason. You are not registering for the Satellites or Sub-Satellites; you are registering for The Main Event in Las Vegas.

Free Entry Program: Your registration fee for The Main Event in Las Vegas is FREE if you get 12 other comics to sign up and put your name in the box that asks “How did you hear about this?” If you have already paid for your registration, the fee will be refunded as soon as 12 paid and registered comics have named you as their referrer.