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Does it cost me anything to run a WSOC Showcase?

The fee to sign up for a WSOC Showcase is $125. That fee covers licensing and training materials in addition to personnel and web support on our end. We have found that producers who are monetarily invested put forth more effort into making the showcase a success. We want comics who register with a WSOC Showcase code to have a guaranteed performance. They may not get that if WSOC Showcase producers are cancelling shows. 

What are the requirements for a WSOC Showcase?

A minimum of 6 comics MUST register for your showcase to qualify and for you to use The World Series of Comedy brand for your show. If you do not meet that requirement, you will not be authorized to use our logo and branding in relation to your performance. 

Can I make money from running the showcase?

YES! We pay commission from the registrations when you reach certain registration goals, that is one way to earn your sign up fee back. You also can sell tickets to your shows. The revenue from all ticket sales is between you and the venue. We ask for $0 from ticket revenue. 

Do I get a FREE comic registration for running a WSOC Showcase?

Yes. When you meet the registration goal (6 comics for a full price sign up fee), you will earn cash commissions and a FREE comic registration (valued at $65). 

Who chooses the venue?

You, the producer, do. This is your show. You will run it with the instructions that we offer, but because it is your show you ultimately make the decision on details such as date, time, location, tickets, etc. 

How will I know when comics register to compete in my WSOC Showcase?

After you have filled out the sign up form on our website, our WSOC Showcase Coordinator - Bobbi Roberts - will contact you with a unique code that you will share with comics from your area. You will also receive a link to a Google Sheet that will contain the information for your show. When they register, - on our website - there is a field that asks if they have a WSOC Showcase code. At that time, they will enter your code. Within 24 hours of them completing their registration, they will appear on your Google Spreadsheet. Comics who have not registered through our website are not authorized to perform on your WSOC Showcase show. 

What do the comics win when they win my showcase?

The 1st place comic secures a guaranteed spot at the satellite you choose when you sign up. If you have 16 comics registered for your showcase, then the top 2 are guaranteed spots in the satellite. Winners will be picked by the WSOC video viewing team using the videos taken at your showcase.

What about the comics who don’t win my showcase?

They could still be selected for the satellite from their video they submit from your WSOC Showcase show. They could be selected for one of the other satellites they submit their videos, too. Their videos will be considered for The Main Event as well. If they are not selected to compete at a satellite, they are invited to submit a new video for The Main Event. The new video must be submitted by August 9th. Anyone who registers can come to The Main Event and take part in all of the networking and comedy seminars during the week of the festival. They can also perform in the Top 101 (if selected) or in one of our registered comic shows

Who picks the winner of my showcase?

The World Series of Comedy video watching team will pick the winner of your WSOC Showcase. We use a panel of 4 to 5 judges. Each Judge watches at least 5 minutes of every comic who registers and has given us a YouTube video link. Notes will be made and a score will be given for each video. The comic who gets the highest video score will win a guaranteed spot in the Satellite associated with your WSOC Showcase.

Are The World Series of Comedy video judges the only judges?

As the producer of the WSOC Showcase you will be given a FREE sign up for the website ZippyVote.com. ZippyVote is a web-based service that allows you to quickly create contests accessible for voting on desktop and mobile devices. If you would like at the end of your WSOC Showcase you will be able to announce who won the audience vote. We will give 3 points to the winner of the audience vote, 2 points to the second place audience score and 1 point to the 3rd place audience score. ZippyVote is what we use for The World Series of Comedy Satellites and The Main Event. Using ZippyVote is fun for your audience, plus having the audience voting element will help you get the comics to bring people to your showcase. You will also get the emails of everyone who votes and every club or venue would love to be able to contact everyone who just was at their venue and had a great time at your WSOC Showcase.

Can the comics earn more points to help them get picked for the Satellite?

Every comic who performs in your WSOC Showcase will have one point added to their video score. One point may not seem like a lot, but that one point could put them ahead of several other comics who may have ended up with the same score as them. Lets say after watching all of the videos for the Satellite 17 comics ended up with a score of 22. One of the comics from your showcase is in that group of 17 comics, because that comic performed in your showcase they get a point added to their score, which would give them 23 points and put them ahead of 16 other comics.

Who will host the WSOC Showcase?

Do you perform? Then you’re welcome to host it! Not a comic. Invite someone else to host it and if they help you reach your registration goals, they can take advantage of the FREE comic registration. If you or someone else host the showcase then that person should close the show and do their 5 minutes at that point for their video submission into the festival.

What do I say if the comics say the registration fee is too much?

Familiarize yourself with all the benefits that come with the registration - video feedback, being submitted to more than 1 contest, attendance to The Main Event (job fair & comedy industry conference), networking opportunities, educational resources, etc. You’ll find a tab on your Google Sheet that covers more of this info. Each year we have had many comics tell us the notes they got on their video submission was worth the price to register.

I have more questions. Can I talk with someone about hosting a WSOC Showcase?

YES! Contact our WSOC Showcase Coordinator Bobbi Roberts at bobbi@theworldseriesofcomedy.com She will be available to assist you through the completion of your show.