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Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, provide product sampling, direct traffic to your website, or generate foot traffic at your retail outlet, we are happy to create a custom sponsorship package just for you.

Our Program Book

All of our 1/6 page Program Book ads are going to be made available by donation.

We’re committed to creating a new business model

We understand that your business has likely faced a difficult time during 2020 and 2021. With that in mind, we are rethinking our entire approach to our advertising opportunities with the festival. We want you to be able to still advertise your business, but at a rate you can afford to pay.

If you happen to be interested in a larger ad, we’re going to open those spots up to offers. Priority will go to full price ad purchases; however, once we hit our artwork deadline we will accept the highest offers.

Sponsorship and advertising options

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, provide product sampling, direct traffic to your website or generate foot traffic at your retail outlet, we are happy to create a custom sponsorship package just for you.

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Sponsorship packages

If you are interested in more than a Program Book ad, we would be happy to create a custom sponsorship package to meet your needs.


T-Shirt Sponsorship

Have your logo included on our highest profile merchandise item

Your logo on 100’s of official WSOC T-shirts

We produce custom designed T-Shirts for all of The WSOC events. This includes all 8 regional Satellites and The Main Event. Create your merchandise package by choosing as many of these events as you want – volume discounts offered for multiple events. Our T-Shirts are our most purchased merchandise item, and are available for purchase by our comedians, industry guests and audience members.

Showroom Video Ads

Have a fully produced commercial play in our preshow video

Promote your company to our crowds

We produce a custom preshow video display for all WSOC events. You have the chance for us to insert a fully produced commercial to play during the preshow presentation (note, no audio). You can choose the length of commercial, and the pricing is considerate of that factor.

Lanyard & Custom Merchandise Sponsorship

Expose your brand to all of our performers and VIP guests

Create exposure for your company with our comedians and audience members

We use over 1000 lanyards a year for our performers and VIP judges. You can target one specific regional Satellite, or purchase the lanyards for the entire festival season.

On-site Signage

Brand our showroom to highlight your company

Your logo at our events – it’s just that simple

Every year, we produce 8 regional Satellites events and The Main Event. There are opportunities at each of these locations to have your company logo on a sign. At regional events, your ad can be on our stand up signs on stage, in the lobby, or both. At The Main Event, we can also offer signage on the walls and in the host venue (subject to restrictions).

Title Sponsors

Expose your brand to our performers, industry VIPs and audience members

Be a name sponsor of the festival

There are many options to choose from, whether you want to be a title sponsor of a specific regional Satellite, or of our Online Streams, or even one of our recurring events like the Wednesday Wildcard Shows. The options are too numerous to list, but we would be happy to work with you directly to find an option that meets the goals and needs of your advertising campaign.

Print Advertising Opportunities

Get your message in our participants hands

Partner with us to promote your company

There are numerous options for our print materials. You can sponsor our ZippyVote info cards/coasters, there are over a dozen print ad options in our Program Book, you can even sponsor our ticket stock, flyers and promotional materials. The WSOC will customize a package that works best for you.

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We are happy to create a custom sponsorship package just for you.

The World Series of Comedy

Celebrating 12 years in 2021

Brand Strength

The World Series of Comedy has established itself as the best comedy festival for feature acts in  North America. The festival not only runs as a competition, but also incorporates professional  development seminars, networking events and elements of a job fair. 

Former contestants have gone on to perform on shows like Late Night with David Letterman, Jimmy  Kimmel Live, The Tonight Show, America’s Got Talent, NBC’s Stand Up For Diversity, and Conan. 

Created and produced by CEO Joe Lowers, the focus of the festival is exposing comedians to industry insiders with the goal of attaining more paid work. Celebrating its 12th year, The Main Event started in  Las Vegas and now has grown to include over a dozen cities and clubs a year.

Participation Numbers

The festival has featured over 6,000 touring comedians in its 12 year existence. The registration  numbers are projected to once again surpass 500 comedians for the 2021 event.

Key Metrics

12 – Number of years the festival has run
6,000 – Number of total participants in past decade
10,000 – Customer Contact Database
9 – Number of cities visited every year

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Your Logo will be on our website, throughout the hotel, in the showroom, and at the Meet & Greet. It will also be on our two large video screens on each side of the stage, in the hotel rooms and all off-site events such as Bowling Night. The host of the show will talk about your company telling audience members to visit your website, your store or buy your products.